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TCMzone Announces Partnership with Golden Needle to Expand Chinese Herb Dispensary Service to All US Practitioners

Feb 24, 2017. Tempe, Arizona. After launching its online herbal dispensary service in early January, TCMzone announces today to partner with GN_logoprofessional distributor company, Golden Needle to expand this unique service through Golden Needle’s distributing channel.  TCMzone’s “Single Herb Packet Dispensary” is a modern, convenient online method allowing licensed healthcare practitioners to create custom herbal prescriptions using combinations of TCMzone single herb packets for individualized patient care.  Now licensed practitioners can access 240 single herbs in 5:1 concentration in individual packets through TCMzone and Golden Needle online dispensary portals.

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TCMzone, LLC. and Farlong Pharmaceutical Formed Strategic Partnership at 2nd WFCMS Summit of Chinese Medicine in America

Dec 10, 2016, Los Angeles. The 2nd Summit of Chinese Medicine in America by WFCMS (World Federation of Chinese la-conferece-2Medicine Societies) has been held here in Los Angeles. Some 400 Chinese practitioners and leaders from China and America attended the conference. The increasing demands for Chinese medicine including acupuncture and herbal medicine in America have drawn special attention… To better serve the American integrative medicine professions with the highest quality herbal medicine products, TCMzone, LLS. and Farlong Pharmaceutical, Inc (located in Los Angeles) formed a strategic partnership during the conference. 

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Clinical Training in China Brings Together U.S. Practitioners in Field of Chinese Herbal Medicine with Leading Chinese Doctors and Professors: TCMzone Successfully Organized Its 5th Chinese Herbal Medicine Training at Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Longhua Hospital

Tempe, AZ. June 9, 2016. With a relationship that dates back to 2008, herbal medicine supplier and continuing education provider, TCMzone,Shanghai-group-2016 LLC. has been collaborating with Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SHUTCM) to create specialized clinical trainings. The program is designed for recent graduates in TCM, herbalists and established practitioners in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. Working with International Education College of SHUTCM TCMzone has taken 5 different trips with a variety of attendees with diverse backgrounds (L.Ac., M.D., N.D.) but all with the same intention, to learn Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture in a clinical setting. From May 13 to 28, 2016, TCMzone organized a group nearly 30 herbalists and L.Ac.’s travelling to Beijing and Shanghai China.

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TCMzone, LLC. Supplies Pacific College of Oriental Medicine with Its Proprietary Label Branded Herbs: Will More Acupuncture Schools Follow?

Tempe, AZ. Oct. 22, 2014. Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (PCOM), headquartered in San Diego, CA, has announced its partnership withdan-greg-jack-xs TCMzone, LLC., a leading herbal medicine company located in Tempe, AZ to supply all herbal products under the school’s own proprietary label branded herbs. As the largest acupuncture and Oriental medicine school in the country, PCOM is the first in the U.S. to create its own brand of herbal products that are used at the school clinics. This may set a precedent for the over 60 other acupuncture schools across the country.

By partnering with TCMzone, LLC., PCOM will carry one full line of herbal formulas and compounding single herbs under its proprietary labels to build its brand recognition among patients, students and school faculties. By working exclusively with one herbal supplier to build their own herbal brand, PCOM can significantly reduce the overall cost of herbal medicine resulting in more patients at student clinics and furthering student practice in Chinese Medicine.

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