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TCMzone-herb-pharmacy-logo-granule New TCMzone® Herbal Dispensary Service
Providing Full-service Herbal Medicine Fulfillment

*TCMzone, LLC. does not offer or provide compounding service.  This fulfillment service is an online drop-shipping service of sealed, finished products to our customer.

Our granule herb formulas in individual packets have become the preferred dosage form in Chinese herbal medicine.  There is no easier method than opening up our herb-dispensary-websmall packets and pouring into warm water to take your daily dosing of herbs.  With the addition of our single herb granule packet line, you can modify our packet formulas or customize your own formulations using these fixed dose packets.  Now, we are introducing our newest practitioner service, ‘TCMzone® Online Single Herb Packet Dispensary’.  In this area you can create a custom formula with our single herb packets and have it shipped directly to your client in daily dose bags.  Just type in client’s details, then begin building your formula, choosing from 240 TCMzone single herbs.  Search each herb by pinyin, english or latin name and once chosen our system will pull up the grams of granule and equivalence to raw herb (ERH) for each packet of that herb. Choose the number of packets per herb then type in the number of total days for prescription and any special instructions.  Finally, enter in your client’s shipping address and checkout.  Your order’s been billed to you and we fulfill and ship direct to your client.  We’re excited to offer this new state of the art service to help expand and simplify your herbal practice. No Hassle, No Inventory, No Worries.

To try out this service, CLICK HERE to log-in

  • Online service for flexibility and easy access
  • Low cost and easy daily dosing with TCMzone unit-dose granule herb packets
  • Guaranteed, lowest rate 2-day shipping anywhere in the continental U.S if orders placed before noon MST.
  • No need for excess inventory and overhead at your clinic

Watch Video Tutorial on the New TCMzone Herbal Dispensary