Quality Control

The quality and efficacy of each of our product lines is backed by extensive scientific research, which we make available to our clients in the form of research studies and clinical data. These products are strictly regulated to meet the rigorous testing standards for herbal medicine. But, beyond this Honso formulas are pharmaceutical-grade formulas in Asia, therefore no allowance for error is given. We have built our company’s reputation on guaranteeing the quality of every Honso product.

Honso Kampo® Granules manufactured by Honso Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. GMP-certified in Nagoya, Japan are easy-to-use, standardized, and highly effective formulas. Each lot is routinely tested for key herbal constituents, heavy metals, purity and microbial content under requirements of Ministry of Health & Welfare. The finished herbal formula is then scrutinized further to measure at least two active constituents quantitatively by HPLC to ensure consistency.

Kampo medicine has been passed down through generations the way Chinese medicine has been. The most common method of herbal processing is water decoction of sliced raw herbs. Modern herbal industries in Japan and China have used a similar process for the mass production of herb formulas. The process usually goes like this: Raw herbs are sliced, weighed, blended, then boiled in water in precisely controlled conditions. Then the solid herbal residue is separated from the liquid, condensed and then spray-dried, granulated and packaged. Granules are the most commonly accepted way herbal formulas are taken in Japan.