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Current Webinars

Current Webinars

TCMzone 2020 Monthly CEU Webinars

All individual CEU Webinars are 2-hours, 2 NCCAOM, CA, FL, IL Board CEU’s, $40 per course

January 15 & 29, 2020, 12-2PM PT: Building Hospital Programs: Integrative Acutherapy for Inpatient and Outpatient Care, (Parts 1 & 2) by Robyn Adcock, MSOM, L.Ac.

Integrative Acutherapy for Inpatient & Outpatient Care (Parts 1 & 2): Hospital-based acupuncture programs are quickly growing in the United States. This course is designed to empower licensed acupuncturists to build and grow hospital programs at a grassroots level. he two-part, four-hour class will cover a full-spectrum of considerations for inpatient and outpatient care including: how to conceive and develop a program at your local hospital, credentialing and training, acutherapy-specific policies and best practices, interfacing with hospital teams and administrators, patient education,delivering safe and effective treatments , a review of common syndromes seen in hospitals with differential diagnosis and treatment protocol recommendations, integrative charting, current research, giving interdepartmental presentations, and building a career path.

Robyn Adcock, MSOM, L.Ac. practices at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals where she serves on the progressive Integrative Pediatric and Palliative Care Team (IP3) and also participates in clinical research in the pediatric oncology department. Currently, she is the lead clinician for a 3-year, $3 million dollar PCORI study that will access the efficacy of acupressure to relieve the most common symptoms associated with cancer treatment. It is the largest TCM pediatric oncology study ever conducted. At UCSF, she also created the internationally-recognized “Care for the Caregiver” staff support program that provided more than 3,000 acupuncture treatments to over 1,000 different doctors, nurse and administrators at the hospital, and now lectures on acupuncture medicine to different medical teams throughout the hospital. Ra also serves as the Executive Director of the California State Oriental Medical Association (CSOMA) and has also served as the California representative to the American Society of Acupuncturists (ASA) and a member of the California Acupuncture Coalition (CAC).

Building Hospital Programs: Integrative Acutherapy for Inpatient and Outpatient Care (Part 1), Robyn Adcock, L.Ac.. Jan. 15, 2020, 12-2PM PT

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Building Hospital Programs: Integrative Acutherapy for Inpatient and Outpatient Care (Part 2), Robyn Adcock, L.Ac.. Jan. 29, 2020, 12-2PM PT

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February 12 & 26, 2020, 12-2PM PT: The Advantages of TCM Treatment for H. Pylori Positive, (Bilingual) by Haihe Tian, A.P., Ph.D.

Advantages of TCM Treatment for H. Pylori (Chinese & English): H. Pylori infection has gotten more and more attention recently. It is associated with many G.I. problems, such as gastritis, peptic ulcer, even gastric cancers. Western medicine only offers some antibiotics for it, which can often times be ineffective.Chinese medicine, including acupuncture and herbs can provide another option for these diseases related with H. Pylori infection. Dr Tian will go over the information about H. Pylori infection and related diseases, western medicine treatment principles and drugs. He will share with the participants about his clinical experience to treat these diseases by using Chinese medicine.

Haihe Tian, A.P., Ph.D. graduated from Beijing TCM University with Ph.D. He specializes in pain management, internal medicine, oncology, geriatric, allergic and immune diseases. He served as board member of American Association of Oriental Medicine (AAOM), committee of herbal medicine; Academic Dean, Clinical Director and Professor of TCM, committee member of Doctoral program, herbal medicine, core courses and CNT. Dr. Tian has published 40 professional papers and 20 medical books and offers national & state seminars.

Advantages of TCM Treatment for H. Pylori (Chinese), Haihe Tian, February 12, 2020, 12-2PM PT

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Advantages of TCM Treatment for H. Pylori (English), Haihe Tian, February 26, 2020, 12-2PM PT

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