Introducing Our First Wisdom-Series on Guiding Principles and Clinical Applications of Classic Chinese Medicine Instructed by Two Top Leaders in this field


Series 2: Concepts & Formulas: How to Understand and Apply Shang Han Lun Classic Formulas (September to November 2021)

(3-hours per session, 4-session series, 12 NCCAOM PDAs & CA, FL CEUs, Free copy of Craig Mitchell’s book “Shang Han Lun On Cold Damage: Translation and Commentaries” Series Tuition: $360)

Cancellations made 2-weeks prior to first course will incur a 50% fee. Cancellations after the first course will receive no refund

By Craig Mitchell, MSTCM, Ph.D. (China), President of Seattle Institute of East Asian Medicine

Course Introduction: In order to effectively utilize the classic formulas associated with the Shang Han Lun and the Jin Gui Yao Lue, it is necessary to understand the original texts and the original application of these ideas in clinical practice. In these courses Dr. Mitchell will instruct on the original formula application and the path/mechanism each formula represents. Attendees will learn an expanded range of conditions that can effectively be treated with a given formula. Although classic formulas were created in the distant past, they represent effective and flexible approaches to addressing many conditions that we see in clinic today.

  • Course 1: Formulas affecting the spirit (Saturday, Sept. 25, 10am-1pm PT)
  • Course 2: Formulas affecting the fluid dynamics (Saturday, Oct 9, 10am-1pm PT)
  • Course 3: Formulas for warming interior cold (Saturday, Oct 23, 10am-1pm PT)
  • Course 4: Formulas for unblocking channels (Saturday, Nov 6, 10am-1pm PT)

Understanding & Applying Shang Han Lun Formulas (4-part series, 12 CEUs): Dr. Craig Mitchell, $360

Dr. Craig Mitchell has been actively involved in clinical practice since 1994 and has been teaching since 1997. He has a Masters degree in Traditional Chinese medicine and a doctoral degree related to his studies in the Shang Han Lun, received in 2006. He is the co-author of “On Cold Damage: Translation and Commentaries,” one of the ­first comprehensive English-language texts on the Shang Han Lun. Craig continues to see patients and teach through his work with the Seattle Institute of East Asian Medicine, where he currently serves as President.




Series 1: The Wisdom of Ancient Medicine: Jing Fang Classics for Modern Diseases                                                                                                                          NOW AVAILABLE AS INDIVIDUAL COURSES 

3-hour individual courses, 3 NCCAOM PDAs, CA & FL state CEUs, $120 per course

By Prof. Huang Huang, MD. (China), Founder of the International Jing Fang Institute, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine (Live English Translation)

Course Introduction: “Jing Fang” or Classic Formulas refers to the ancient experiential formulas recorded in Treatise on Shang Han Lun and Jing Gui Yao Lue. After thousands of years of clinical testing, these formulas have become the standard prescriptions for TCM clinics. Historical experience has proven that Jing Fang is the best way to learn Chinese Medicine. Prof. Huang’s teaching of the classics closely relates to clinical usage and the concept of “correspondence between formulas and syndromes”.


Jing Fang Classics for Modern Diseases: Ban Xia Xie Xin Tang & Huang Lian Tang, Saturday, Sept. 18, 4-7pm PT


Jing Fang Classics for Modern Diseases: Wen Jing Tang & Dang Gui Shao Yao San, Saturday, Oct. 2, 4-7pm PT


Prof. Huang Huang is one of China’s foremost experts in using Jing Fang derived from Shang Han Lun and Jin Gui Yao Lue. With nearly 50 years working in Chinese medicine. In 1989 Prof. Huang spent one year researching geriatric medicine at Kyoto University in Japan. Prof. Huang is dedicated to his lifelong study of differential diagnosis of herbal patterns. Prof. Huang’s teaching style focuses on “what is it” rather than “why is it” to make teaching of classic Chinese medicine fun and practical. His clinical guidance has been centered around “Jing Fang or formula corresponds to Zheng or clinical syndrome “. Beside his busy teach schedules in China, Prof. Huang has been invited to teach around the world including Germany, England, France, Switzerland, Singapore, Malesia, New Zealand, and only a couple times in the US. Representative works of Prof. Huang in English publications include Huang Huang’s Guide to Clinical Application of Classical Formulas (included in registration), Formula Wisdom from Famous Physicians, Top Ten Prescriptions of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Medicinal Syndrome and Classics.

Prof. Huang Huang’s teaching and clinical work