Introducing Our First Wisdom-Series on Guiding Principles and Clinical Applications of Classic Chinese Medicine Instructed by Two Top Leaders in this field


Series 2: Concepts & Formulas: How to Understand and Apply Shang Han Lun Classic Formulas (September to November 2021)

(3-hours per session, 3 NCCAOM PDAs & CA, FL CEUs)

By Craig Mitchell, MSTCM, Ph.D. (China), President of Seattle Institute of East Asian Medicine

Course Introduction: In order to effectively utilize the classic formulas associated with the Shang Han Lun and the Jin Gui Yao Lue, it is necessary to understand the original texts and the original application of these ideas in clinical practice. In these courses Dr. Mitchell will instruct on the original formula application and the path/mechanism each formula represents. Attendees will learn an expanded range of conditions that can effectively be treated with a given formula. Although classic formulas were created in the distant past, they represent effective and flexible approaches to addressing many conditions that we see in clinic today.

Understanding & Applying Shang Han Lun Formulas, Course 4: Formulas for Unblocking the Channels, Saturday, Nov. 6, 10am-1pm PT


Dr. Craig Mitchell has been actively involved in clinical practice since 1994 and has been teaching since 1997. He has a Masters degree in Traditional Chinese medicine and a doctoral degree related to his studies in the Shang Han Lun, received in 2006. He is the co-author of “On Cold Damage: Translation and Commentaries,” one of the ­first comprehensive English-language texts on the Shang Han Lun. Craig continues to see patients and teach through his work with the Seattle Institute of East Asian Medicine, where he currently serves as President.