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Mid-Year Inventory Blowout Sales

We’re offering up to 50% off on select TCMzone softgel, Honso formulas and 100g bottle single herbs with less than 1-year but longer than 6-months listed expiration dates. Inventory is limited, so get these formulas and singles while supplies last. No coupon code needed, just click on the links below to see the deep discounted prices.

TCMzone® Softgel and Honso® Kampo Formulas – 50% off

TCMzone® Softgel Formula

(Agastache Correcting Qi Formula)
TCM Function: Balance Colon Function. Transform internal dampness; Release acute external invasion.*

Honso® Japanese Kampo Formula

(Oren-Gedoku-To, Coptis Detoxifying Formula)
TCM Function: To drain the heat or fire from the entire body.*

Honso® Japanese Kampo Formula

(Boi-Ogi-To, Stephania and Astragalus Formula)
TCM Function: Expel dampness, promote urination and leach out dampness.*

TCMzone Single Herbs in 100g Bottle – 40% off

TB350B Bai Chou/Qian Niu ZiSemen Pharbitidis (White)Order Now
TC359B Che Qian CaoPlantago SeedOrder Now
TC314B Chong Wei ZiLeonurus (Motherwort) FruitOrder Now
TD363B Da JiJapanese Thistle HerbOrder Now
TH380B Hai Fu ShiPumiceOrder Now
TH385B Hei Chou/Qian Niu ZiSemen Pharbitidis (Black)Order Now
TH387B Hu Lu BaCommon Fenugreek SeedOrder Now
TH390B Huang Yao ZiDioscorea Bulbifera TuberOrder Now
TJ392B Jiu Cai ZiChinese Leek SeedOrder Now
TL249B Li Zhi HeLitchee PitOrder Now
TM398B Ma BoPuffballOrder Now
TM399B Mei Gui HuaChinese RosebudOrder Now
TN401B Nuo Dao GenGlutinous Rice RootOrder Now
TQ404B Qin PiFraxinus BarkOrder Now
TQ405B Qing Feng TengSinomeniumOrder Now
TQ406B Qing Meng ShiChloriteOrder Now
TR409B Rou Dou KouNutmeg SeedOrder Now
TS410B Shan Ci GuIphigenia BulbOrder Now
TS411B Shang Lu (Cu)Pokeberry RootOrder Now
TS413B Shi DiPersimmon CalyxOrder Now
TS414B Shi Liu PiPomegranate HuskOrder Now
TT417B Tian Kui ZiSemiaquilegia Root TuberOrder Now
TT418B Tian Nan Xing (Zhi)Prepared Arisaema RhizomeOrder Now
TT420B Tou Gu CaoGarden Balsam StemOrder Now
TX425B Xiang RuMoslaOrder Now
TX426B Xiang YuanCitronOrder Now
TY430B Yang Qi ShiActinoliteOrder Now
TY431B Yu Mi XuCorn SilkOrder Now
TZ436B Zong Lu TanFortune Windmillpalm Petiole (carbonized)Order Now
TC358B Cao Dou Koukatsumada’s Galandal SeedOrder Now
TG375B Gao Liang JiangGalanga RhizomeOrder Now
TH386B Hu Huang LianPicrorhiza RhizomeOrder Now
TQ403B Qin JiaoLarge-leaf Gentian RootOrder Now
TC216B Chen XiangAquilaria [wood]Order Now


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