Frequently asked Questions

Where are Chinese herbs grown?

Our TCMzone and Honso raw herbs are sourced from China according to “Dao Di” (道地) principles of selecting only the herbs from their correct origin with identification by microscopic and HPLC methods to authenticate plant species. Whenever taking any Chinese herbs, it is important to find out how and where they’re sourced. Tianjiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Jiangyin City, China) and Honzo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Nagoya, Japan) manufacture our herbs.

Is herbal medicine right for me?

Herbal medicine has the potential to be used for many health concerns. You should see a licensed healthcare practitioner to receive a full consultation, including an herbal protocol. TCMzone herbal products are potent and highly effective and should only be taken under the direct care of your healthcare professionals.

Who benefits from herbal medicine?

Herbal medicine has been used in China for thousands of years as the main source of medical care. In more recent years it has become increasingly popular in the U.S and worldwide as a comparable alternative to Western medicine. The effects of herbal medicine are vast and can help to manage many health concerns. Individuals of any age, race and gender can benefit from herbal medicine. Ask your healthcare professional about your specific herbal medicine protocol.

How does herbal medicine taste?

Each herb and herbal formula varies in regards to taste, this is because each herb has its own distinct flavor and each formula is made up of different herbs. Some herbs can be sweet, slightly bitter, etc. Our TCMzone line is available in different dosage forms, so consumers have an option with how to take the formula based on taste or ease.

How do I take TCMZone Herbal Medicine?

Our herbs are offered in very distinctive, modern delivery systems, allowing options for consumer preference. We offer the innovative granule packets, which are little baggies that you pour into warm water (like a tea) and drink down or just pour direct into mouth and swallow with water. The granules are easy to carry around, to dispose of and at only 1-3 packets a day, it’s also easy to keep up with your daily dose. We also offer our herb granules loose in bottles, that you simply scoop into warm water (like a tea) and drink. Our vegetable based capsules are another easy option, offering same potency as the granules in a vegi-capsule, just take like standard pills and swallow down. We also offer liquid softgel capsules, which allow for ease of swallowing in a small soft liquid form, easy to digest, quickly absorbed and low daily dosage. At TCMzone it is our goal to make our herbs as easy as possible to take.

How do I buy TCMZone Herbal Products?

Our line of TCMzone professional products can only be purchased from your licensed healthcare professional. This is to ensure proper usage and dosage of the herbs. We do have a consumer line available in our Honso Select and TCMzone Select brand of herbs.

How long do I take herbal products?

Each herb and formula varies in regards to length of use. This will be determined by your licensed healthcare professional.

Is there proof of the effectiveness of herbal medicine?

Many of our TCMzone herbal formulas have been highly researched to validate effectiveness in scientific studies. We’ve also been a part of a U.S. clinical phase II trial and studies with our herbs to showcase how effective herbs can be and their outstanding effects. Not to mention that these formulas and herbs have been traditionally used in Asia for decades to great effect and are currently prescribed as pharmaceuticals in parts of Asia and used in hospital settings.

Is herbal medicine safe?

We provide maximum quality control standards to ensure the safety of our TCMzone lines of herbal medicine. This includes multiple tests held at the manufacturing and processing stage to ensure purity of ingredients. Every batch of herbs is tested for trace amounts of heavy metals with state-of-the-art quality of finished product before distribution.