Acupuncture Needle

We have selected the finest brands of acupuncture needles for the discerning licensed acupuncturist. Our needle types meet the needs of varied acupuncture protocols. Discover the select needle brands of TCMzone. Tempo and Balance needles are scientifically proven to be the most painless needles on the market today. Our unique design allows for a painless insertion and continued patient comfort at any needling depth. From design features to quality materials to manufacturing and product testing, Tempo and Balance needles meet and exceed the demanding standards of the modern practitioner.

Tempo Needles

Cutting edge technology keeping pace with today’s practitioner

Tempo J typeTempo J-Type

Tempo D-Type

Tempo L-Type



Balance Needles

The perfect harmony of quality and value
balance ptype acupuncture needle

Balance P-Type

Balance 1KS-Type

Balance SL-Type


ATTENTION: Federal law restricts sale of acupuncture needles to or on the order of qualified Acupuncture practitioners as determined by individual states. No medical claims are intended or implied for any products sold. The purchaser accepts full responsibility for the safe and proper handling and use of all products and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless TCMzone, LLC. and the manufacturer of the product at issue from any consumer claims relating to the products or their ultimate use.

An acupuncture license number is required for purchasing acupuncture needles and currently we are not licensed to sell needles in the state of California.