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TCMzone is synonymous with high quality, from Japanese Kampo, to the innovative Cardioshen Dripping Pill to the complete herbal solution, the TCMzone® Formulas. Our products are backed by the world's highest quality standards such as pharmaceutical GMP of Japan’s Ministry of Health, China’s SFDA and Australia TGA.

No More Scooping and Mixing Loose Granules… Now, Dispensing 5:1 Single Herbs in Packets!

This new idea for a compounding herbal dispensary offers practitioners complete control over cleanliness and efficiency at their clinic. There’s no need for measuring, scooping, mixing loose granules, just pull the required number of daily-dose packets for patient to pour and mix their daily solution at home. It’s never been easier for practitioners to prescribe the perfect herbal protocol and for patients to take their herbs in the easy to use TCMzone granule packets.

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Exceptional Quality.

TCMzone® Herbs are manufactured according to the highest standards in pharmaceutical GMP certified facilities. Every batch of raw herbs is tested for pesticides and heavy metals, and verified by modern analytical tests including high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), gas chromatography (GC) and Thin-layer Chromatography (TLC).

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Honso® Formulas are scientifically validated Japanese Kampo by hundreds of research studies, pharmaceutical-grade quality, unique packaging, and a track record of safe usage by MD’s in Japan.

TCMzone® Formulas are innovative classical Chinese formulas in granular and vegi-capsule form in 5:1 concentration, with little to no excipients or binders, allowing each dose to contain the highest percentage of herbal extract.