Telemedicine or Telehealth for Acupuncture Practices during Covid-19, an Attorney Point of View – Joseph R. Borich III, J.D

By jknapp / August 11, 2020 /

Little doubt exists that telemedicine, or more properly telehealth, is here to stay unless COVID-19 wipes us out, sends us back into the stone age, or so ruins the economy that even this non-face-to-face healthcare treatment is no longer available. The virus has certainly made people afraid to venture out of their homes and turn to video calls. More likely, COVID-19 will result in the expansion of telemedicine, not just in the United States, but around the world, albeit expanding in different ways. […]

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Practitioner Corner: June Spotlight – Amy Mager, DACM, L.Ac., FABORM, Dipl.OM

By jknapp / June 10, 2020 /

Covid-19 Was In The House TCM & COVID-19 Our skills don’t just benefit our patients, but our families as well…

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Practitioner Corner: February Spotlight Belinda He, DAOM, Dipl.OM (NCCAOM), LAc, LMT, CPMT

By jknapp / February 6, 2020 /

I am a graduate of American College of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine in Houston, TX where I spent 4 years…

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My Experience on the TCMzone Training & Study Program in China, May 2019 -Bruce Gustafson, LAc., DAOM Fellow, Associate Dean Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine

By jknapp / November 6, 2019 /

I had been looking for a few years for the right time in my busy professional life to have the…

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Unlock the Mind to Find Your Calm with TCMzone’s New MindKalm® by Sherri Taylor, L.Ac.

By jknapp / August 29, 2019 /

It is my pleasure to introduce the newest addition to the TCMCeuticals line — MindKalm®, a new formula designed to…

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Practitioner Corner: August Spotlight, Byron Barth, L.Ac.

By jknapp / August 6, 2019 /

If you’re reading this you are more than likely involved in someway (practitioner, doctor, administrator, teacher, TCM business or sales) in…

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Practitioners Corner: July Spotlight, Dr. Yoon Hang “John” Kim, M.D., MPH

By jknapp / July 17, 2019 /

I was drawn to medicine after reading my father’s medical text book in Korean which advocated combining the strengths of…

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Practitioners Corner: June Spotlight, Dr. Yueying Li, L.Ac.

By jknapp / June 11, 2019 /

Medicine has always been my passion since my youth. I discovered the amazing healing effects of Chinese Medicine from my own…

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Practitioners Corner: May Spotlight, Dr. Pamela Robbins

By jknapp / May 15, 2019 /

It is a privilege to discuss my thoughts on TCM and Acupuncture and relate some of my observations on the…

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TCMzone, a US Pioneer of Granule Herbs for Healthcare Practitioners

By Dan / April 15, 2019 /

By Sherri Taylor, L.Ac. TCMzone, LLC is a leading national herbal product company located in Tempe, Arizona that has raised…

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Practitioners Corner: April Spotlight, Dr. Yiwen Su

By jknapp / April 10, 2019 /

Traditional Chinese Medicine is not only the medicine of the past, but also of the present and of the future.…

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Support Upper, Middle and Lower Jiao with TCMCeuticals Essential Digestive Formulas

By jknapp / March 13, 2019 /

By: Sherri Taylor, L.Ac. This month we are focusing our attention on TCM for digestive conditions. Digestive conditions are vast…

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Practitioners Corner: February Spotlight, Amy Sear, A.P., Dipl.OM

By jknapp / February 8, 2019 /

Oriental medicine practice and utilization in America is in such an exciting period of growth and expansion, and I feel…

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Practitioners Corner: January Spotlight, Dr. Hua Bing Wen, B. Med., MS, L.Ac.

By jknapp / January 9, 2019 /

Medicine is the only profession I ever considered. I earned my medical degree from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine in…

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Practitioners Corner: December Spotlight, Haihe Tian, Ph.D., A.P

By jknapp / December 5, 2018 /

I started my training back in 1982 at one of the top medical schools in China, Beijing University of Chinese…

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Practitioners Corner: November Spotlight, Sherri Taylor, L.Ac., Dipl.OM

By jknapp / November 14, 2018 /

My practice is called The Herbal Kind and I chose that name because my passion is herbal medicine and it…

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My Post-Grad School Training in China, By Cynthia M. Cano

By Dan / October 19, 2018 /

Hello everyone, my name is Cynthia, thank you for taking a moment to read about my adventures in China and…

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Changing Seasons and Transitioning into the Metal Element

By jknapp / August 22, 2018 /

by Sherri Taylor, L.Ac., MSOM, FABORM As summer comes to an end, we prepare for another season change, transitioning into…

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TCMCeuticals® Digestive Health, A New Approach to Gastrointestinal Health

By jknapp / June 12, 2018 /

An Interview with the formulator, Dr. Haihe Tian, Ph.D.,  A.P. (FL) Sherri: Hi Dr. Tian, thank you for taking the…

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TCMCeuticals, A New Approach to TCM

By jknapp / April 13, 2018 /

An Interview with Dr. Jipu “Dan” Wen by Jennifer Knapp Hi Dr. Wen, thank you for taking the time to…

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Common Herbs to Start Your Herbal Pharmacy

By jknapp / March 6, 2018 /

With all the herbs and formulas we study, how do we choose specifically which herbs and formulas to begin with,…

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Let’s Begin Building Your Herbal Pharmacy

By jknapp / January 26, 2018 /

By Sherri Taylor, L.Ac. With all the herbs and formulas we study, how do we choose specifically which herbs and…

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Starting Your Herbal Pharmacy, Part 2

By jknapp / October 3, 2017 /

This blog is the second part in a series on starting your herbal pharmacy.  In this section I will cover some…

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My Advanced Training in China

By Sherri Taylor / September 8, 2017 /

Having practiced Chinese Medicine for 13 years, I always had the goal to participate in an advanced training program in…

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Starting Your Herbal Pharmacy, Part One

By Sherri Taylor / August 22, 2017 /

This blog is part one in a series on starting your herbal pharmacy.  I will cover the important areas of…

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How I became a Chinese Medicine Practitioner:

By Sherri Taylor / July 5, 2017 /

Often, I get asked the question: What made you get into this field of medicine? The answer might surprise you,…

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