Manufacture and Quality Control

Since 2000, we have been working to serve integrative medicine practitioners with one goal in mind: bring the highest quality herbal products and superior customer service to healthcare professionals. With quality-labdedication and hard work, we have become a leading developer of professional herbal products. With 19 years of experience, we have earned the reputation of being staunch supporters of herbal medicine research and technological processing advancements, while consistently pursuing the highest levels of purity, safety and efficacy of herbal supplements.

Highest Possible Quality Standards

Our products are manufactured under strict accordance to pharmaceutical GMP with Certificates of Analysis on every lot ensuring quality, efficacy, purity and safety. All of our products are manufactured by pharmaceutical suppliers in both China and Japan who follow stringent monitoring from raw materials to finished product.  The sourcing of herbs iskanion-manufacture_machine an integral part of creating a high quality finished product and at TCMzone we work with manufacturers that only source their herbs according to “Dao Di” principles (the finest herbs grown in specific geographic regions with particular attention to cultivation and processing techniques).  Our processing and testing techniques include HPLC and TLC methods to ensure consistency of products every time, with every lot.

tcmzone-logo-1TCMzone® products are manufactured by one of the most modern facilities carrying out high level processing techniques in strict accordance with GMP.  By applying modern scientific technology and referring to the traditional making of Chinese herbal decoction, TCMzone products are refined by modern industrial ways of extraction, concentration and drying.  Herbs are harvested from areas where they traditionally grow by certifiedcapsule-bottle-packaging Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) growers.  At the manufacturing facilities innovative processing techniques such as, vacuum concentrating, spray drying, dry granulation and automated capsule filling are utilized. The herbs are processed in strict accordance to GMP standards and a certificate of analysis is available for every lot of our products.

honso-logo_websiteHonso® products are manufactured in Japan under the highest quality standards in the world.  Only the highest-grade herbs and progressive processing techniques are used to ensure its maximum quality, efficacy and safety. The quality control is performed under the scrutiny of Japan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare. Herbal constituents are monitored at two levels: qualitatively on individual herbs by Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC), and quantitatively on active constituents by High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC). Every lot of the Honso professional granular products are routinely tested for heavy metals, purity, and microbial contaminant.