Balance Needles

Balance Needles

Balance needles are scientifically proven to be the most painless needles on the market today. The unique design allows for a painless insertion and continued patient comfort at any needling depth. From design features to quality materials to manufacturing and product testing, Balance needles meet and exceed the demanding standards of the modern practitioner.

Free your hands, free your mind Balance needles will set you free! Tempo and Balance are the first ever completely tab-less line of needles on the market. With Balance needles, youll never have to fuss with another tab again. No matter whether you use pipe-handled or spring-handled needles, all Balance needles are tab-less in design. Ease of use and better environmental impact. Now thats a win-win proposition!

Balance needles are priced with your pocket book in mind. We understand the needs of modern practitioners to keep costs down. No matter what style or type of needle you wantfrom the top-flight J & L Type from Tempo, perfect for the most demanding practitioner, to the 1KS bulk packs from Balance, perfect for the community style clinicBalance needles are priced lower than any other competing brand.

Acupuncture license number is required for purchasing acupuncture needles and currently we are not licensed to sell needles in California

 Balance group 1ksBalance 1KS Spring Handle Acupuncture Needles (1000 Per Package)

Featuring a traditional “spring” style handle that comes in blister packs of 10 needles and one guide tube, the Balance 1KS is an achievement in combining the highest quality with unprecedented value.

Spring Handle, 1000 needles/box, 10 needles per guide tube.

 balance ptype acupuncture needleBalance P-Type (Pipe Handle) Acupuncture Needle

Balance needles are the perfect blend of quality and value. The P-type needle features traditional “pipe” style handles that work with our unique tab-less design. Less waste, easier to use, painless design.

Pipe Handle, 100 needles/box, 1 needle per guide tube.

 balance acupuncture needle SL (002)Balance SL-Type (Spiral and Loop Handle) Acupuncture Needle

Featuring a traditional “Spiral & Loop” style handle that comes one guide tube per needle, the Balance SL-Type is an achievement in combining the highest quality with unprecedented value.

Spiral and Loop Handle, 100 needles/box, 1 needle per guide tube.

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