State and Communities Outreach

TCMzone, LLC. Announces 2021 State and Communities Outreach Program  

A Program to Strengthen Connections & Resources by State in the field of TCM & Acupuncture

Tempe, AZ, January 11, 2021– With the intention of building deeper connections with licensed Acupuncturists throughout the United States in a climate where face to face meetings are non-existent, TCMzone has launched their state and communities outreach (SCO) program. This program will focus on one to two states each month and offer specific resources to Acupuncturists in those states, based on their TCM and Acupuncture practice needs.

“This state and communities outreach program will allow us to communicate with potential and new acupuncturists to find out more about what their current needs are in terms of TCM herbs, needle supplies, continuing education, and herbal dispensary services, so that TCMzone can better cater our products and resources to these specific areas. It’s a win-win for both sides”. – Jennifer Knapp, Vice-President

In addition to offering special discounts specifically to Acupuncturists in that state during their month, TCMzone will also be contacting via email and phone to inquire on how their practices have changed since 2020 and what services are most important to them at this time. As a continuing education provider, TCMzone will also inform on upcoming CEU webinars that are being offered through their TCM Educational Zone and find out what topics are of interest for upcoming courses. TCMzone will also be reaching out to work with state Acupuncture and TCM associations to provide support and discount offers to their members. This program begins January 2021 and will continue through the year.

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