press release Jan 2017

TCMzone Announces Partnership with Golden Needle to Expand Chinese Herb Dispensary Service to All US Practitioners

January 24, 2017. Tempe, Arizona. After launching its online herbal dispensary service in early January, TCMzone announces today to partner with professional distributor company, Golden Needle to expand this unique service through Golden Needle’s distributing GN_logochannel.  TCMzone’s “Single Herb Packet Dispensary” is a modern, convenient online method allowing licensed healthcare practitioners to create custom herbal prescriptions using combinations of TCMzone single herb packets for individualized patient care.  Now licensed practitioners can access 240 single herbs in 5:1 concentration in individual packets through TCMzone and Golden Needle online dispensary portals.

With TCMzone and Golden Needle’s herbal dispensary, practitioners no longer need to worry about keeping a fully stocked herbal pharmacy.  They can administer herbal medicine protocols based on each patient condition, submit herbal prescription same day as patient visit and have them delivered direct to patient within 48 hours.  All of this can be done in minutes with the ease of a few key strokes through the convenience of your laptop.  To try out TCMzone herb dispensary at Golden Needle, log in

“I am excited that Golden Needle has partnered with TCMzone to offer a custom formula dispensing service for practitioners” said Barry Thorne, Founder Golden Needle, “This service is very convenient for the patient and easy to use.  TCMzone granules are manufactured with State of the Art technology and unsurpassed quality raw herb ingredients.”