UCLA press release July 17 2017

TCMzone, LLC. Joins Medical Experts to Discuss Integration of Chinese Medicine in the U.S. Healthcare System

Herbal Medicine Summit and Symposium at UCLA Center for East-West Medicine

Tempe, AZ, July 16, 2017. During the weekend of July 15 and 16, UCLA Center for East-West Medicine (CEWM) organized two integrative medicine meetings, “Herbal Medicine Summit at UCLA”UCLA-summit-opening and “Symposium on the Potential of Chinese Medicine in the U.S Healthcare System”. TCMzone, LLC’s president Dr. Jipu “Dan” Wen was invited to give a speech at the Herbal Medicine Summit on Saturday and TCMzone sponsored the “Meet the Experts Luncheon” during the Sunday Symposium. Both events successfully initiated a dialogue amongst stakeholders in Chinese medicine communities from around the world and within the US healthcare providers.

“Herbal Medicine Summit at UCLA” is a part of an herbal medicine initiative by CEWM to improve the safe and effective use of Chinese herbal medicine. It brought together an international group of thought-leaders in clinical practice, education, research and policy to develop new strategies for addressing longstanding challenges. Experts attending the Summit were invited guests from World Health Organization, University of Cambridge in UK, Hong Kong University, SMS International Society of Chinse Medicine in Germany, University of Toronto Canada, National University of Singapore and many US education, research and industrial organizations. The ultimate goal of this summit is to facilitate high level discussions which will lead to a position paper to guide stakeholder’s UCLA-summit-allefforts to improve the safe and effective use of Chinese herbal medicine.

Dr. Wen from TCMzone presented “Granule Herb Revolution: The Research and Quality that Raised the Standard of Chinese Medicine”. The details of which illustrate how modern granule herbs from Asia are now sourced, tested, processed, packaged and regulated. The US practitioners have been utilizing many of the reliable brands of granule herbs from mainland China, Japan, and Taiwan.

The final day consisted of the “Symposium on the Potential of Chinese Medicine in the U.S Healthcare System” wherein presentations were given by members of WHO, California Acupuncture Board, Acupuncture Today and Department of Public Health on policy, strategies, public relations and integration of traditional medicine.  TCMzone sponsored a “Meet the Experts Luncheon” where attendees had an opportunity to sit down in a more intensive round-table format and discuss the areas of policy and regulation, clinical research, and interprofessional relations in clinical settings.

The second half of the symposium brought founders and presidents of top Oriental Medicine and Chiropractic universities expressing their thoughts on facilitating a solid foundation and definition for the profession of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine. A panel of Acupuncturists and Medical Doctors have discussed the successes and challenges of Chinese medicine in clinical settings in large hospital, community wellness center and US Army health system.

At the conclusion of Symposium, Ka-Kit Hui, MD., Founder and Director of CEWM expressed optimistic view of future integrative medicine and his dream to build future integrative medicine UCLA-summit-wen-2model: “Some of the healthcare resources have to be shifted somehow from high techs, expensive, critic intervention to patient-oriented care, prevention, early disease recognition and health promotion”. He continued, “This task will require the concerted efforts, ingenuity and collaborative spirit of the scientific and medical communities, policymakers, the public and other segment of society”.

UCLA Center for East-West Medicine, with a quarter century establishment, is a leading medical institution that strives to improve health, wellbeing, and quality of life by blending the best of modern western medicine with traditional Chinese Medicine to provide healthcare that is safe, effective, affordable and accessible. The Center has established a person-centered team-based care that emphasizes health promotion, disease prevention, treatment and rehabilitation through an integrated practice of East-West Medicine. Within the center, acupuncturists play a very important role in providing team-based care.

TCMzone, LLC. is a U.S. supplier of Chinese herbal medicine, based in Tempe, AZ founded in 2000.  TCMzone, LLC. provides licensed, certified healthcare practitioners with full-lines of quality herbal formulas and single herbs in a variety of dosage forms for clinical usage.

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