TCMzone PCOM press release Oct 2017

TCMzone, LLC. Celebrates 3-Year Partnership with Pacific College of Oriental Medicine

Exclusive Supplier of PCOM Student Clinics’ Granule Herbs

Tempe, AZ, Oct. 30, 2017. TCMzone is commemorating their 3rd year as the exclusive herbal medicine supplier to Pacific College of Oriental Medicine’s three campuses throughout the U.S. (San Diego, New York, and Chicago) at this year’s Pacific Symposium in San Diego. In addition pcom-name-logoto exhibiting for their 12th year at this prestigious annual continuing education event put on by PCOM, TCMzone will be hosting a complimentary Exhibitor Session entitled “Development of Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture in Private Practice & Hospital Setting” on Saturday morning, November 4th during the Symposium.

As a granule herbal medicine supplier for almost 18 years, TCMzone, LLC. has built its company and reputation by providing high quality, scientifically validated granule herbs in simple dosage forms for better compliance. The company’s mission is to expand the use of herbs within healthcare practitioners’ clinics and into more mainstream education institutions and hospitals for reliable patient results.

In October 2014, after reviewing many herbal medicine suppliers, PCOM chose to work with TCMzone, LLC., as their exclusive supplier of granule herbs including full line of herbal formulas and compounding single herbs under its proprietary labels. By working exclusively with one herbal supplier to build their own herbal brand, PCOM has significantly reduced the overall cost of herbal medicine resulting in more patients at student clinics and furthering student practice in Chinese Medicine.

PCOM is the largest acupuncture and Oriental medicine school in the US with all three campuses highly ranked in the nation. After three years working with TCMzone as their herbal supplier, here is what Mr. Jack Miller, President of PCOM has to say about the partnership; PCOM would like to acknowledge TCMzone for a job well done as we celebrate our third year of partnership.  With over 60,000 treatments provided each year in our San Diego, Chicago and New York campus clinics we rely on TCMzone to deliver our PCOM brand of herbs to our patients.” 

Director of Clinical Services at PCOM San Diego, Dr. Greg Lane also commented on this collaboration; “In my role as Director of Clinical Services for PCOM I appreciate TCMzone’s commitment to consistently providing excellent customer service, high quality herbal products and value to our clinics as well as educational opportunities for our students and faculty.  I have seen the direct results of our three-year relationship with TCMzone in building our brand of PCOM herbs, and delivering products that promote compliance with patients.  Thank you TCMzone for the past three years!  Looking forward to the future.”

“We are very happy to have become PCOM’s partner three years ago and will continue to work hard for the school,” said Dr. Dan Wen, President of TCMzone. “TCMzone’s relationship and know-how in herbal medicine industries in China and Japan have enabled us to provide best quality herbal products for the US healthcare practitioners and their patients”.

For more information visit TCMzone at this year’s Pacific Symposium, booth #1 and attend TCMzone’s Exhibitor Session, “Development of Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture in Private Practice & Hospital Setting” on Sat., Nov. 4, 2017, 10-10:45am, Boardroom East at the Catamaran Hotel & Resort. Contact TCMzone at 888-788-8086 or