Press Release (Oct 2014)


TCMzone, LLC. Supplies Pacific College of Oriental Medicine with Its Proprietary Label Branded Herbs: Will More Acupuncture Schools Follow?

Tempe, AZ. Oct. 22, 2014. Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (PCOM), headquartered in San Diego, CA, has announced its partnership with TCMzone, LLC., a leading herbal medicine company located in Tempe, AZ to supply all herbal products under the school’s own proprietary label branded herbs. As the largest acupuncture and Oriental medicine school in the country, PCOM is the first in the U.S. to create its own brand of herbal products that are used at the school clinics. This may set a precedent for the over 60 other acupuncture schools across the country.

Education standards amongst all U.S. acupuncture schools have become increasingly focused on higher levels of acupuncture and herbal medicine curriculum. Some schools, including PCOM have offered doctorate programs for the past few years. These advancements in curriculum require advanced clinical training and herbal medicine studies.

In most acupuncture schools housing herbal dispensaries at their campus clinics, there are a large number of different suppliers of herbal medicine products under a variety of quality control standards offered. PCOM, for example, has three campuses located in San Diego, New York, and Chicago. Each school clinic used many different kinds of herbal medicine. Jack Miller, Pacific College president, stated that increasing uniformity will improve inventory control significantly. “In addition to providing top quality products, TCMzone will be able to label our herbal formulas in a way that will support our students’ study of single herbs and formulas. Our students look forward to visiting TCMzone’s suppliers as well as conducting herbal research with TCMzone’s support”, says Miller.

By partnering with TCMzone, LLC., PCOM will carry one full line of herbal formulas and compounding single herbs under its proprietary labels to build its brand recognition among patients, students and school faculties. By working exclusively with one herbal supplier to build their own herbal brand, PCOM can significantly reduce the overall cost of herbal medicine resulting in more patients at student clinics and furthering student practice in Chinese Medicine.

“We are honored to be selected as PCOM’s exclusive supplier of their proprietary brand herbal lines”, says Dr. Jipu “Dan” Wen, president of TCMzone, LLC., “Our focus on sourcing the best quality herbal medicine for U.S. practitioners has never changed since we started our business 14 years ago. Now we’ll be able to ensure use of these same quality herbs at PCOM throughout its school system”.

Chosen from multiple competing herbal medicine suppliers, TCMzone, LLC. offers PCOM students,faculty and alumni a different kind of collaborative experience. In addition to the 80 herb formulas and 200 single herbs available at all 3 PCOM campuses, TCMzone will offer educational initiatives and further support student research. This new type of turn-key solution between school and business creates a strong template that may soon be adopted at more schools around the country.

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