TCMzone, LLC. Celebrates 20 years in Herbal Medicine Business

Serving Licensed Healthcare Practitioners Innovative Chinese and Japanese Herbs

Tempe, AZ, September 17, 2020– A simple idea 20 years ago to provide quality Chinese herbs to U.S. healthcare professionals has grown into the current TCMzone business that exists today. TCMzone, LLC. has announced their 20 year milestone in offering thousands of licensed healthcare practitioners with their brand of quality Chinese and Japanese herbal therapies.  TCMzone began as a small business offering a limited number of Japanese Kampo granule formulas, the first company to offer this unique and specialized type of herbal supplements in the U.S. This uniqueness carried over to product expansion, including the TCMzone brand of granule formulas in three dosage forms, single herbs in two forms and custom innovative herbal brands, such as TCMCeuticals and Blue Essence.

I could have never imagined how much this company would have accomplished in 20 years, and it inspires me to help lead this team into another spectacular 20 years. Looking forward, we see many possibilities”. – Dr. Jipu “Dan” Wen

To summarize their twenty years in business, TCMzone makes mention of their steadfast goal of expanding usage of Traditional Chinese medicine around the world through their pioneering in clinical herbal research with some of the top hospitals in the U.S., through product innovation and development and through continuing education. After twenty years of growth, TCMzone has become a leading brand in the U.S. TCM industry.


TCMzone, LLC., Revolutionary Herbal Medicine, Rooted in Tradition

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