Clinical Study to Evaluate Function of Cardioshen® Dripping Pill for Heart Support

Modern Chinese Herbal Preparation Tested for Activities to Improve Cardiovascular Circulation

TEMPE, AZ, Dec. 5, 2012, The modern Chinese herbal preparation Cardioshen® is now undergoing a clinical trial in San Diego to evaluate its function as heart support. Cardioshen® is based upon a popular Chinese prescription herbal formula Cardiotonic® Pill, developed by TCMzone, LLC. in Tempe, Arizona, and manufactured by Tasly Pharmaceuticals, Inc. in China. Tasly has recently completed a FDA approved phase II clinical trial studying Cardiotonic® Pill as treatment for chronic stable angina. Cardioshen® is the only consumer preparation of its kind available in the US under the dietary supplement category.

High blood pressure is known as “the silent killer.” It is one of the most important predictive factors for heart attacks, strokes, congestive heart failure and kidney disease. Hypertension and specific patterns of Heart Rate Variability are a major risk factor for cardiovascular complications and untimely death due to cardiovascular complications. This study, entitled “The Effects of Chinese Herbal Formula Cardioshen® on Heart Rate Variability and Blood Pressure”, will investigate the use of Cardioshen® as a preventative against cardiovascular conditions, specifically its relationship with the maintenance of blood pressure, heart rate variability, and promotion of overall heart health. The study is approved by an Institutional Review Board (IRB) at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (PCOM) and led by M. Andrew Pierson, L.Ac. at Wind Gate Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine Corp. in San Diego.

Cardioshen® contains Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae (Dan Shen), Radix Astragali (Huang Qi), Radix Notoginseng (San Qi), and Lignum Dalbergiae Odoriferae (Jiang Xiang). The botanicals included in the preparation are thought to prevent cardiovascular conditions by aiding circulation, inhibiting angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) and preventing clot formation. The Chinese herbs contained in Cardioshen® have shown supportive cardiovascular effects in animal and human studies.

Dripping pill is an advanced dosage form of Chinese herbal medicine, produced by blending an herbal extract and a matrix under thermal conditions and dripping the mixture into a cooling liquid in which the droplets are insoluble. The process of pill formation results in a solid-dispersion in a pill shape. Cardioshen® Dripping Pills are rapidly dissolvable with significantly increased bioavailability.

“I am very excited by the fact that we can now take a look at Cardioshen®, a Chinese Herbal Formula and its effects on the power spectrum of the heart and the cardiovascular system.”, said M. Andrew Pierson, a licensed acupuncturist by the State of California and a Doctoral Candidate at PCOM. “Heart Rate Variability is a noninvasive method for determining markers for cardiac health and function. This has the potential to provide valuable and much needed insight into cardiac performance in relation to Chinese Herbs and augment data for risk stratification”.

Dan Wen, MD., President of TCMzone, LLC. stated that “ We are very happy to supply Cardioshen® as the testing herbal formula for the study. We have been working with M. Andrew Pierson to develop the research protocol and getting it through the IRB. It is very interesting to see the increasing demand in the alternative medicine community for evidence-based research of Chinese herbal medicine”.

TCMzone, LLC. develops and distributes Cardioshen® and other professional Chinese herbal medicine lines including TCMzone® brand Chinese herbal formulas in granules and vegi-capsules, Honso® brand Japanese Kampo formulas and Kanion® softgel herbal formulas. TCMzone’s high quality herbal products are recommended mostly through licensed healthcare professionals in the US. TCMzone’s products are backed by the world’s highest quality standards such as pharmaceutical GMP of Japan’s Ministry of Health, China’s SFDA and Australia TGA. For further detail visit

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