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Webinar: Mind-body treatment protocols based on Shang Han Lun formula Xiao Chai Hu Tang (Chinese), June 24, 12-2 pm PT

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  • Sept. 4, 2012: Part 1 – Clinic Practice of Fibromyalgia Syndrome
    Shan Liang, A.P., M.D. (China) is a Florida licensed acupuncture physician. He attended medical school at Shandong Medical University in Jinan, China, earning his Doctor of Medicine in 1985. Dr. Liang went on to become a physician at Qian Fu Shan General Hospital from 1985-1992. Since 1992 he has taught and practiced acupuncture and Chinese medicine at several schools in Florida. Dr. Liang currently runs a successful private practice in Sarasota FL.

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