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Recording: Treatment for Side Effects of Chemotherapy and Radiation Using Herbs-Tonic Herbs Huabing Wen, May 5, 2014

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  • TCM Treatment for Common Diseases: Nov 30, 2011: The Role of TCM & Acupuncture in Treating Cancer Patients during Chemotherapy
    Haihe Tian, A.P., MD (China), Ph.D, has studied Chinese medicine in Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology for 11 years and graduated with Ph.D. He was trained under some of the most highly recognized and revered traditional Chinese medicine physicians in China. He began practicing and teaching Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture in America in 1997. Since then he has held many different professional positions such as board member of AAOM, committee member of doctoral program of CCAOM, and ACAOM site visitor. He has published various professional papers and over 20 medical books.

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