Our Product History

logoTCMzone has been serving the healthcare community since 2000, providing traditional Oriental Medicine in modern dosage forms. We started in Tempe, AZ, where we continue to have our home office today. The goal has always been to bring forth the top Oriental medicine products to provide the most efficacious protocols for health. Our herbal medicine products are all manufactured at pharmaceutical-grade facilities in both Japan and China. We work very closely with our manufacturers to ensure product purity and safety for overall efficacy. Our company was the pioneer in bringing Chinese medicine into the U.S. in our signature individual dose granule packets.

This was a game changer for practitioners and patients. No longer was prescribing and administering herbs such a daunting task. Our innovative dosage form made it easier to take herbs than it was to take your daily vitamin. Just simply pour the little granule packet into warm water, mix and drink and repeat at lunch and dinner. Simple! Now clients all over the world can benefit from these herbs in our granule packets, vegi-capsules, liquid softgel capsules, or loose granules. The choice is yours.

We evolved over the years from our exclusive smaller line of Japanese Honso Kampo herb granule packets to include hundreds of traditional Chinese herb formulas and single herbs in a variety of dosage options for client health. Our products have extensive published research from around the world, including a Phase II clinical trial at Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center on one of our most recognized herb formulas for liver support.

We take great pride in the products that we sell and we stand by the health benefits of each and every product that we manufacture and supply. At TCMzone, we believe in the significance that hundreds of decades of Chinese medicine usage provides, and we also believe in the validity that more recent scientific studies and research of Chinese medicine brings to our field. To this day, we continue to balance the Science and Art of Herbal Medicine.