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I have helped Ms. Valerie Harper with her fight against lung cancer
Huabing Wen, L.Ac. When TCMzone approached me to instruct a series of continuing education webinars on acupuncture and herbal support for cancer care, I immediately thought of different cases that I’ve seen over the years and one particularly difficult, higher profile and inspiring case that I’m currently treating.
Some of you may know of Ms. Valerie Harper, she is a beloved television and film actress.  In December, 2012 she was diagnosed with lung cancer that had spread to meningil in the brain and was told that there was no cure for such a rare case and was given three months to live.
In an effort to fight this cancer, Ms. Harper sought out chemotherapy from her Western physician and also came to my clinic beginning in January 2013 to seek regular acupuncture treatments as well as Chinese herbs.  After meeting with Ms. Harper and doing an initial consultation, I began treating her with Acupuncture to regulate nerves and improve brain function.  I have used a Chinese herbal formula from TCMzone to support and strengthen the immune system.  I found this to be a very crucial approach in addition to the conventional cancer treatment she was undergoing.
As of June 2013, Ms. Harper’s first MRI came back clean compared to the initial Dec. 2012 MRI.  It has now been clean since June 2013, with MRI’s being taken every 8 weeks.  As you can see, the important lesson to be learned and to share with the public is that even in situations where the case seems so dire and medical treatment options seem slim, combining such Eastern treatments as Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine with other Western medical treatments can prove to be invaluable to cancer recovery.
Thank you and I’m glad that I had the chance to share this special case with my professional colleagues and I hope you find this information to be helpful in your own practices.
Huabing Wen, L.Ac., MD (China)

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