Kanion Softgels

Softgel Capsules are one-piece capsules that encase a predetermined dose of liquid or semi liquid fill of herbal extract. Softgels are formed, filled and hermetically sealed in a single operation. Created of natural gelatin, they are easily biodegradable and pose absolutely no threat to the environment. In addition, airtight softgels have the ability to keep their contents fresh and potent for a prolonged period of time with little or no preservatives. They absorb quickly, have an improved bioavailability, higher content of active ingredients, and being easier to swallow create a high patient compliance.

Advantages of Softgels

Softgel has become widely used in prescription, OTC pharmaceuticals, and nutraceuticals. Kanion softgel Chinese herbal medicine has the following advantages: 1) Improved bioavailability, 2) Fast to disintegrate and to be absorbed: the time taken for the softgel capsule to disintegrate is about 1/4 of the time for regular pills, 3) Higher content of active ingredients: active ingredients are extracted with steam, water and alcohol from raw materials, 4) Prevent loss of active ingredients, particularly the volatile components that tent to be evaporated during heating and drying processes, 5) Easier to swallow, 6) Elegant appearance and better patient confidence, 7) Masked herbal odors, 8) Smaller dosage.