Quality Assurance & Manufacturing

Honso Kampo granules are manufactured by Honso Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in Nagoya, Japan. They are manufactured under pharmaceutical GMP standards and thoroughly tested for key herbal constituents, heavy metals and purity. Each lot is routinely tested under requirements of the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare. The finished herbal formula is then further scrutinized to measure at least two active constituents quantitatively by HPLC to ensure consistency. Kampo formulas are scientifically validated by hundreds of clinical and laboratory studies in Japan. As pioneers in manufacturing this type of standardized, high quality herbal dosage form, Honso’s own herbal formulas have entered FDA approved clinical trials in the U.S. under 2 Investigative New Drug from FDA. The pharmaceutical-grade quality, unique packaging, strong research, track record of safe usage and exclusivity for licensed healthcare practitioners make this product line the right choice for all healthcare specialties.