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Granule Packets
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Signature line of 5:1 concentrated fixed granule formulas in individual dose packets, 42 packets/box, 3 packets/day.
Granule Bottles
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Loose granule formulas available in 100 gram bottles, 2 grams (scoops), 3x/day.
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Granule extract encapsulated in vegetable-based capsules, 100 capsules/bottle, 4 capsules, 3x/day.
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Our 5:1 single herb granule packets allow for greater customizing of herbs, 40 packets/box, 1 packet/day
Singles Bottle
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Loose granule single herbs available in 100g bottles, 1 gram (scoop)/day.

More Product Lines

Blue Essence Line
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Blue Essence is a line of condition-specific formulas, such as for immune support. A distinct line of consumer-friendly herbal alternatives.
Honso Professional Kampo Granule Herbal Line
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Honso Japanese kampo formulas are a unique approach to Chinese medicine, using fixed and precise combinations of herbs in standardized amounts offered in signature individual granule packets.
TCMCeuticals Line
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TCMCeuticals® is a brand of natural herbal medicine designed for specific health concerns. These formulas are created by accomplished practitioners based on their decades of clinical experience.

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