Consumer Info


At TCMzone our mission is to provide superior quality herbal products for maximum health benefits to licensed, qualified practitioners. We do not sell our TCMzone or Honso herbal products direct to the public. This effort is made in order to most effectively prescribe our herbs by those qualified to do so. Chinese herbal medicine is an extremely complex method of treatment and should only be handled by individuals trained in the field. If you are interested in ordering any of our TCMzone herbal products, please consult your local acupuncturist or locate a qualified healthcare professional in your area. We welcome you to browse our site and learn more about our company, products and Chinese medicine as a whole. You’ll find insightful facts about the history of Chinese medicine and its evolution over the years. You can also contact us for further information on Chinese herbal medicine or if you’d like us to recommend a licensed practitioner in your area. We hope you find this information helpful on your journey to fundamental health.