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Press Release: TCMzone, LLC. Announces 2021 State and Communities Outreach Program  A Program to Strengthen Connections & Resources by State in the field of TCM & Acupuncture

Tempe, AZ, January 11, 2021– With the intention of building deeper connections with licensed Acupuncturists throughout the United States in a climate where face to face meetings are non-existent, TCMzone has launched their state and communities outreach (SCO) program. This program will focus on one to two states each month and offer specific resources to Acupuncturists in those states, based on their TCM and Acupuncture practice needs. Read more…

At TCMzone, LLC, we have been serving healthcare practitioners for over 20 years, providing professional, authentic, and quality sourced herbal formulas that are raising the standards in herbal medicine. Specializing in a variety of unique, easy to use and customizable dosage forms we provide professional lines of herbal formulas offering enhanced patient compliance. Our loyal customers choose TCMzone for our commitment to quality, efficacy, variety and service. As we continue to expand our brand, our goal remains to best serve you, the healthcare practitioner enabling you to best meet your patient’s needs.

The TCMzone product lines include classical herb formulas and single herbs in a variety of delivery options for highest patient compliance.

TCMzone® Granule Formulas

Signature Packets:  All our formulas and single herbs come in a 5:1 concentration in easy to use single-dose packets for improved patient compliance.  Patients open the formula and/or single herb packets, pour into warm water and drink like a tea. A low daily dose and the absence of brewing or decocting make the TCMzone granule packets a smart choice for practitioners and busy patients. Easily augment formulas with our single herbs for targeted herbal therapy.  Packets are great for travelers or those patients on-the-go.

Classical 100 Gram Bottles: Our 100g bottles of loose granules in formulas and single herbs offer the practitioner superior control in customizing herbal therapy formulations and dosage amounts.  Also in a 5:1 concentration, just scoop desired amount into provided bags to give directly to patients.

Vegetable Capsules: Packed with the same signature granular extract, they are just as potent as our signature granular formulas in packets and 100g bottles, but in a convenient vegetable capsule.  These are great for patients who do not like the tastes of granule solutions. 100 capsules/bottle, 1 bottle equals to 8 days  supply.

TCMzone® Single Herbs

Single Dose Granule Packets, packaged in the same way as our TCMzone formulas, these packets make it easy to customize formulas. These 5:1 single herbs can be used alongside our formula packets to strengthen the fixed formula or can be used individually to create a totally custom formula for individual client needs. Packaged in boxes of 40 packets, with a daily dose of 1 packet per day. Simply pour the single herbs into warm water and drink the herbal solution.

Loose granules, single herbs offered in 100 gram bottles. Mix desired amounts of loose single herbs to add to our loose granule formulas or choose specific single herbs to mix together and customize individual formula for specific needs. Scoop the single herbs into warm water, mix and drink. Each bottle contains 100 grams standard granules at 5:1 concentration.

Honso® Japanese Kampo Formulas

Honso® Japanese Kampo is a unique approach to Chinese Medicine.  Most Kampo formulas were adopted from classical Chinese medicine in the Han dynasty, from such ancient text book as Shang Han Lun and Jin Gui Yao Lue.  The Japanese Kampo tradition uses fixed and precise combinations of herbs in standardized amounts for a truly modern approach to administering herbs. The standardization of the formulas create an established concentration per formula for clear dosing every time.  This type of precision is quite a technical feat in herbal medicine.  Since the 1960’s Japanese pharmaceutical industry has gradually validated Kampo formulas with laboratory and clinical studies.  The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has approved 210 formulas as prescription drugs for coverage under the national health insurance plan.  Today, 81% of Japanese physicians prescribe Kampo formulas.

Honso products are manufactured under one of the highest quality standards in the world. Only the highest-grade herbs and progressive processing techniques are used to ensure maxi­mum quality, efficacy and safety. The quality control is performed under the scrutiny of Japan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare. Herbal constituents are monitored at two levels: qualitatively on individual herbs by Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC), and quantitatively on active constituents by High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC). Every lot of the Honso professional granular products are routinely tested for heavy metals, purity, and microbial contaminant. All testing results come in the form of a Certificate of Analysis, which is accessible to all customers.

TCMzone® Select Softgel Herbal Liquid Formulas

Softgel Liquid Formula is our line of herbal formulas selected for their condition-specific usages in GMP-certified, highly controlled and technologically advanced facilities.  Standardized dose of liquid herbal extract are encased in a one-piece capsules.  They absorb quickly and have an improved bioavailability.  The quality of these products is ardently tested ensuring the finest quality in herbal softgels.

TCMCeuticals® Doctor-formulated Formulas

TCMCeuticals® is a specialty line of practitioner-formulated herbal formulas created exclusively for TCMzone, LLC. These formulas contain proprietary blends of quality herbal ingredients created by master-level herbalists and accomplished healthcare practitioners based on their specialty areas of expertise. TCMCeuticals® is unique in that it offers herbal therapies that are customized and demonstrable from clinical experience. This allows you to offer your clients tailored, well-examined herbal protocols for specific health conditions. These formulas are offered in a variety of dosage forms under cGMP manufacturing standards, applying our established, commitment to bringing you final herbal products that continue to display our passion for traditional herbs, with our modern stamp.*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.