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  • Unlock the Mind to Find Your Calm with TCMzone’s New MindKalm® by Sherri Taylor, L.Ac.

    It is my pleasure to introduce the newest addition to the TCMCeuticals line — MindKalm®, a new formula designed to soothe Liver Qi stagnation with phlegm misting the mind disturbing the Shen. As its name suggests, MindKalm® helps unlock the mind by transforming phlegm, clearing heat and moving the stuck energy of the Liver Qi to […]
  • Practitioner Corner: August Spotlight, Byron Barth, L.Ac.

    If you’re reading this you are more than likely involved in someway (practitioner, doctor, administrator, teacher, TCM business or sales) in this wonderful healing medicine/art. We are all truly lucky and blessed to have found Traditional Chinese Medicine as a way to heal people naturally and fulfill our own purpose. My path began in the fine […]
  • Practitioners Corner: July Spotlight, Dr. Yoon Hang “John” Kim, M.D., MPH

    I was drawn to medicine after reading my father’s medical text book in Korean which advocated combining the strengths of Eastern wisdom with Western sciences. My journey to become a healer began as a chemist researching protein chemistry and pharmacology. After deciding to pursue a more clinical path, my medical training led me through family medicine, […]
  • Practitioners Corner: June Spotlight, Dr. Yueying Li, L.Ac.

    Medicine has always been my passion since my youth. I discovered the amazing healing effects of Chinese Medicine from my own personal experiences of treating sports injuries and skin conditions. I have been practicing Chinese Medicine for 34 years, in China, the UK, and currently in Los Angeles California. I earned both my medical degree and Chinese Medical […]
  • Practitioners Corner: May Spotlight, Dr. Pamela Robbins

    It is a privilege to discuss my thoughts on TCM and Acupuncture and relate some of my observations on the incorporation of its use in Western hospital settings. As a native of Singapore, I am a third-generation practitioner of Traditional Oriental Medicine. One could say I was raised in the medicine.  Both my grandfathers were herbologists […]
  • TCMzone, a US Pioneer of Granule Herbs for Healthcare Practitioners

    By Sherri Taylor, L.Ac. TCMzone, LLC is a leading national herbal product company located in Tempe, Arizona that has raised the standard of Chinese Medicine.   TCMzone utilizes high quality contract manufacturers in Japan and China.  TCMzone’s specialty is modernizing Chinese Medicine by offering the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and providing a modern day […]
  • Practitioners Corner: April Spotlight, Dr. Yiwen Su

    Traditional Chinese Medicine is not only the medicine of the past, but also of the present and of the future. I feel blessed to have received such intensive training in the origin of this medicine, inherited the valuable knowledge and skills passed on by the true masters of the older generations and witnessed the healing […]
  • Support Upper, Middle and Lower Jiao with TCMCeuticals Essential Digestive Formulas

    By: Sherri Taylor, L.Ac. This month we are focusing our attention on TCM for digestive conditions. Digestive conditions are vast and common and TCM offers powerful therapies to support a healthy digestive system*.  Our TCMCeuticals® Digestive line consisting of three (3) formulas for the upper, middle and lower jiao are the fundamental digestive formulas for […]
  • Practitioners Corner: February Spotlight, Amy Sear, A.P., Dipl.OM

    Oriental medicine practice and utilization in America is in such an exciting period of growth and expansion, and I feel so blessed to be in practice at this time. I did my training in the mid 1990’s in Miami, FL and got my license in early 1997. The times have changed so much, on every […]
  • Practitioners Corner: January Spotlight, Dr. Hua Bing Wen, B. Med., MS, L.Ac.

    Medicine is the only profession I ever considered. I earned my medical degree from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine in 1987 and then my Masters of Science in Integrated Clinical Medicine. I have always believed that every patient deserves personalized treatment and so this is how I conduct my practice. Based on the individual conditions, I design a treatment […]

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