TCMCeuticals® Digestive Health, A New Approach to Gastrointestinal Health

An Interview with the formulator, Dr. Haihe Tian, Ph.D.,  A.P. (FL)

Sherri: Hi Dr. Tian, thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to speak with me regarding your new digestive herbal line with TCMCeuticals® by TCMzone.  Can you tell me a little more about your background and how you decided on these 3 formulas for your digestive line?

Dr. Tian: Sure. In 1993, I graduated from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine with a Ph.D. degree in Chinese Medicine.  I have clinical training in both Eastern and Western Medicine.  I mentored under a renowned teacher in China that specialized in Internal Medicine and more specifically Digestive health conditions.  I received specialized training in Digestive conditions and when I moved to America, I was surprised to see so many people struggling with their digestive health.  Most people would come in to my office and complain of physical pain, but most often they had chronic internal medicine conditions that were also contributing to their physical pain including digestive health conditions.  I designed these 3 specific formulas based on what I see most often in my clinic.  There is a formula for the upper GI tract, Stomach and Lower GI tract.  Since there are many Chinese Medicine patterns for these conditions, I based the formulas on the most common in each of the three areas.

Sherri:  I would like to first ask you about the Esophageal Balance Formula.  I noticed the base formula is Zuo Jin Wan (Left Metal Pill) which is known as the main formula in Chinese Medicine for esophageal balancing.  Can you tell me about the ingredients you added to this formula and how it changes the base formula?

Dr. Tian: Yes, as you know Zuo Jin Wan is for heat in the liver overacting on the stomach.  I added herbs such as, Chai Hu, Xiang Fu to help with Liver Qi stagnation and address the emotional component of the Liver Qi stagnation.  All of the herbs I added to Zuo Jin Wan help reinforce the rebellious Qi to go downwards.

Sherri: Why did you use Wa Leng Zi in this formula?

Dr. Tian: Wa Leng Zi is used to offset the acid and protect the membranes of the esophagus.

Sherri: What is the Chinese Medicine pattern for the use of this formula?

Dr. Tian: The pattern is excess in the liver, liver heat and rebellious Qi over acting on the stomach.

Sherri: What pattern in Chinese Medicine is Digestive Support Formula indicated for?

Dr. Tian: This formula is mainly for Qi stagnation in the stomach.  This may be due to over eating, eating at the wrong time of day or poor dietary habits.  Also, this formula is very good for digestive problems due to emotional upset.  The function of this formula is to regulate the stomach and liver qi and direct the Qi downwards.

Sherri: Can you tell me what the function of Xiang Yuan is in this formula?

Dr. Tian: Yes, this is an excellent herb to use for digestive problems.  In this formula, it is used along with Fo Shou and Chai Hu for Qi stagnation and hypochondriac pain.  Xiang Yuan with Fo Shou provides comfort for the middle jiao and eases pain.

Sherri: Can you use this formula for severe food stagnation with heat and phlegm?

Dr. Tian: You can add Bao He Wan to this formula to treat a more severe case.

Sherri: Do you recommend digestive enzymes to a patient when taking this formula?

Dr. Tian: Yes, I do recommend digestive enzymes when needed in addition to taking this formula.

Sherri: What would you say the pattern is for Colon Harmony Formula? Spleen Yang deficiency?

Dr. Tian: Yes, this is Spleen Yang deficiency with Liver Qi stagnation.  The TCM treatment with this formula is to raise the Spleen Qi and restore the Spleen function while soothing the liver to treat the Liver Qi stagnation. This formula is recommended for supporting colon function particularly with loose bowel movements and diarrhea.

Sherri: Do you recommend probiotics in addition to this formula as well?

Dr. Tian:  Yes, because there is an imbalance with the bacteria with these conditions, I will often recommend probiotics in addition when needed.

Sherri: How long do you prescribe these formulas for?

Dr. Tian: These formulas are made to take long term.  I will prescribe them to a patient for 2 months, 3 months or 6 months depending on the case.  Once they are improving and feeling better, you can reduce the dosage for maintenance if needed.  The formulas are designed to improve GI function.  Once function is restored they will be able to feel good without having to take the herbs or maybe just need a couple pills per day for prevention and maintenance.

In Chinese Medicine it is important to treat with herbs and acupuncture.  They work together in improving one’s health.  Acupuncture will help open the meridians and activate the nerves for improved function as well as improving the digestion and absorption of the herbs.  Acupuncture and Herbal treatment is a formula in and of itself in improving overall health.

Sherri: Dr. Tian thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us.  Congratulations on your formula line!  We know many practitioners that are excited to use these formulas to patients with these very complex digestive health conditions.

Dr. Tian:  It was my pleasure, thank you.

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